You want to expand your test team, how do you get the right professional? And what is your investment if after a few months it turns out to be the wrong professional? Many companies are looking for test automation specialists, but how do you ensure that the experienced “toppers” choose your organization?

These are often difficult issues, but there is an alternative: our Deta-vast Young Professional services.

What does our service entail? 

We or jointly with your organization take care of the recruitment of the candidates. Of course, the profile you have determined is leading for this. After recruitment, we take care of the training with our modular training program. Below you will find more information about our extensive training program. After the training, the Young Professionals will work for you in the organization to gain practical experience. Of course, we will continue to provide the necessary guidance during this practical period.The work of the young professionals in your organization is carried out on the basis of hiring. The duration of the practical period will be agreed with you in advance and after the practical period you can hire the desired Young Professional(s). 

What are the costs?

There are no upfront investment costs, you only pay a monthly hourly rate for the hours that the professional has actually worked for you. The hourly rate depends on the period of hiring and your specific wishes. We are happy to make a proposal based on your wishes, please feel free to contact us.

Your benefits

  • No upfront investment, you only pay the hourly rate of hours worked
  • Recruitment according to your desired profile & training are provided.
  • Thorough training program with flexibility for company-specific knowledge.
  • No risk when hiring, the Young Professional(s) has already proven himself in your organization.
  • New, young fresh perspectives in your organization.
  • Can be cancelled in the meantime, you are not bound by it.

Components of the modular training programme

In addition to the components below, our modular training programme also offers the flexibility to impart company-specific knowledge. Think of industry or domain knowledge, process knowledge or knowledge of certain systems or tooling that is used in your organization. We are happy to discuss this with you. 

  • Testing, testing and testing

    Obviously, testing is the core of basic training. Not only training the practice, but also demonstrating that the desired level of knowledge has been achieved by obtaining the certificates TMap Suite – Test Engineer, ISTQB foundation and test tooling. The training by our experienced employees is mainly the ability to apply what has been learned in practice and not just preparing for a certificate.

  • Agile & Scrum

    Most projects nowadays are carried out in an Agile/Scrum environment. Both through the form in which we train and the training and certification to Professional Scrum Master (PSM-I), ensures that the Young Professional in your Agile teams can function well. The Prince2 method is also used to be able to work in waterfall routes.

  • Testtooling

    It is important that the test professional can test, in addition to knowing how to replace the intensive manual test work with the use of test tools. They are trained in, among other things, the use and application of Tosca and must obtain the AS1 and AS2 certificate. In addition, the trainee receives an introduction to performance testing, security testing and the use of open source test tools.

  • Social Skills

    Change management, conflict management and dealing with stakeholders are widely discussed.

  • Development

    As a modern tester, it is necessary that you can communicate well with both developers and the business. Basic programming skills are also essential to get along well with test automation. That is why the training program includes a: Introduction to system design, introduction to infrastructure, programming (Java) and databases (SQL).

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