In an automation project, only two things can go wrong: the information system is inadequate or the development activities get out of hand. The client, user organisation and project team must jointly achieve that the information system meets all expectations. Managing money and time is a traditional way to control projects. Managing product and process quality is a more modern way to achieve a good result.

TAILOR-MADE QUALITY 2.0 (KoM) 2.0 is written from a risk management / quality management perspective. KoM 2.0 describes a situation in which the strategic/tactical part (company policy, portfolio project and requirement management) is set up in a classic, sequential way. The operational part has a strong iterative character and therefore fits flawlessly into the Agile / Scrum philosophy. 

The ‘project manager’ has been replaced by a senior supplier and in the more active/operational tasks by Product Owner (value management) and by the development team.

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