About us

Qualitier started in 2020 and originates from the sister company 2B4QA and with that we continue on a broad experience of services in the field of Quality Consultancy.

We monitor the quality of our customers’ software and systems and as guards we are often in the line of fire to monitor quality, so you can compare us to a musketeer. That’s where the name Qualitier comes from, a musketeer for quality, that’s our motto!

Our people together form Qualitier. We work hard, but also have a lot of fun. We celebrate our successes together and learn continuously.

The following five values characterize our corporate culture within Qualitier.

One picture is worth a thousand words…

    Our core values:

    • Innovation

      We are groundbreaking, love a challenge and are decisive. We make connections that others overlook. We see opportunities and turn them into concrete projects. We like to challenge the status quo and introduce new and better ways to improve the quality of software.

      Technology is changing rapidly and we see it as a challenge to continue to delve into this and to help our customers to safeguard or increase the quality of their systems and software.

    • Integrity:

      Social involvement is central to us. We take our responsibility, even when no one is looking. We set high standards for ourselves and do not deviate from this. This determined ethical attitude contributes to our sustainability and we ensure a safe and working environment.

    • Reliability:

      Honest or reliable. Whatever you call it, that’s what we are. We want to be there for you; always, through thick and thin, rain or sunshine, we keep our word, again and again. And that is exactly why everyone can rely on us.

    • Service: 

      We know it’s not about us, it’s about helping our customers and your customers. There is no environment where we cannot add something. We really live in the needs of our customers, not a “box pusher” but a committed partner. A partner that involves high-quality professionals and services with excellent service.

    • Teamwork

      Together we can respond faster, reach further and achieve more. We embrace all opportunities to work together; working together is refreshing, enlightening and inspiring. Because when we join forces and push boundaries, we can move mountains. Collegiality is an important part of teamwork, our people are collegial and know that they can lean on the knowledge and skills of their colleagues and that is how they also position themselves towards your employees in your project team. And we not only work together within Qualitier but are partners of our customers with whom we work as one team.

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