Qualitier Construction

Qualitier in training

Do you want to start freelancing? Or are you still in doubt? Then our Qualitier construction is a great solution for you!

With the Qualitier construction you are insured as an employee and you receive a basic salary of € 3,500 gross per month if you do not have an assignment for a while.

With the Qualitier construction you get an employment contract for 32 hours per week, you have an assignment you receive for the hours of your employment contract up to 75% of your hourly rate. If you have an assignment for 36 or 40 hours per week, you will receive up to 90% of your hourly rate over the hours above 32 hours. 

Furthermore, we offer a lot of freedom of choice in the terms of employment. More or fewer days of leave, a higher or lower mobility contribution? The choice is yours!

More certainty than freelancing and you also keep a nice group of colleagues! “Best of both worlds” so…

Get up to 90% of your hourly rate!

You will receive up to 75% of your hourly rate on the hours of your employment contract, for the other hours you will receive up to 90% of your hourly rate.

Do you prefer to work on your profession and not on the administration?

As a freelancer, you are obliged to keep a conclusive administration and the care for timely invoicing and monitoring of the invoice payments is also added. And of course you have to take care of your tax returns. With our Qualitier construction you will not be bothered by this! You are simply employed and also insured! 


As a freelancer, your income immediately disappears if you cannot work hours due to illness, with the Qualitier construction you at least have your basic salary as a financial safety net. You simply have an employment contract.

Knowledge development

If you work with us via the Qualitier construction, you are just part of the organizations, all knowledge sessions outings etc you are all just welcome. We also share the developments in the market with you and we are happy to discuss your development and what a useful training or certification is for you… just like with the other colleagues, we also make a training plan with you and we share our knowledge and experience with each other. 

Is the Qualitier construction for everyone?

To work with us according to the Qualitier construction, we do ask that you are an experienced professional. Do you have 5 or more years of work experience in your profession and are you hesitant to start freelancing? Then we would like to talk to you about our Qualitier construction. 

Feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss your possibilities.

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